Watch Bir Derdim Var Episode 5 English Subtitles

Watch Bir Derdim Var Episode 5 English Subtitles
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In Bir Derdim Var Episode 5, The young Doğa arrives at the hospital having a psychotic crisis. Nilüfer and her team roll up their sleeves as they are trying to uncover the real reasons of these enigmatic crises.  They are also forced to deal with her parents Meral and Kutay annoying attitude and accusations while at the same they are noticing and becoming suspicious of the youg girls boyfriend Ozan.

At the same time being hopeful of being released from the hospital, finding himself back at the hospital; Kuzey is determined not to allow the truth to be discovered by Nilüfer.  As Özge continues to try and calm Kuzey down; Kuzey’s father Huzur thinks that he can enter his sons life when ever he wants and tries to take control over him.

As for Prosecutor Ömer; he is trying to deal with his feelings for Nilüfer and is going back and forth with his adamance for justice

Nilüfer is going to come face to face with Ömer’s closeness with another unexpected crisis. which will leave Ömer standing there alone with many unanswered questions.


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