Bir Derdim Var Episode 6 English Subtitles Free

Bir Derdim Var Episode 6 English Subtitles Free
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Following the accusations made by Huzur regarding Nilüfer Toska, Prosecutor Ömer tries to question Kuzey.  However the decision made by Kuzey is going to shock both his father as well as Prosecutor Ömer.

Nilüfer is now face to face with the danger of beng released from her position, while at the same time the circle around her continues to get smaller and smaller so therefore she is not going to try and prevent Kuzey from being released.

Nilüfer continues to mourn the loss of her loving daughter, while trying to keep young Nilüfer’s dreams a secret but this is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish.  She is being dragged into a one on one confrontation with Kuzey’s father Huzur.

Özge’s escape from the hospital causes everyone to panic.  Özge’s dangerous plans regarding her life attracts Kuzey’s attention, and he come up with an obstacle to prevent Ömer and Nilüfer’s interferance.   When Kuzey and Özge come face to face this is an opportunity to openly declare the feelings for each other; and this becomes an opportunity for Nilüfer to be strongly expose a secret that she has been keeping for years.

As Damla and Savaş are on the edge of new decisions and new stories, İpek and Volkan have a confrontation which helps her get rid of the heavy burdens that she has been forced to carry, and now she is free to spread her wings and start a new adventure with Yusuf.


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