Watch Sakla Beni Episode 6 English Subtitles

Watch Sakla Beni Episode 6 English Subtitles
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In Sakla Beni Episode 6, Incila thinks that she cannot betray Naz, even though her heart is aching she rejects the offer that Mete has made.  While this causes Mete to be disappointed, and even though he still wants to back out of the marriage, and can clearly see that there will be no way out, and with the rejection he receives he sits at the marriage table with Naz.  This causes the obstacles between İncila and Mete to grow even bigger, Mete still wants to prevent İncila from leaving, and he is both angry and helpless that he cannot stop her.

Meanwhile even though marrying Mete makes Naz very happy, the events that took place at the wedding causes her much stress causing her to run back to her parents house.  This causes the tension between the two families to reach the breaking point;  while Naz gets to see the authoritive actions of Count Ziya putting her into shock!


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