Watch Yabani Episode 16 English Subtitles

Watch Yabani Episode 16 English Subtitles
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Following the funeral of his brother Umut; Yaman returns to the home of the Soysalan which he considers his family. However upon his return Alaz is waiting there with a truth that is going to stun everyone. The truth being that Dr Güven Aydın is Yaman Ali’s biological father. Yaman will not be the only one who is shaken by this information, slowly one by one the moves that had been made by the Soysalan family will have the foundation starting to shake. As this foundation rumbles, Serhan, who plays the aggrieved father and husband, is being squeezed into a corner by the fact that Metin will no longer leave Şebnem and her daughter Rüya.

As Rüya is trying to undertand what her father Metin and mother Şebnem who have returned after all of these years is actually up too; Metin is determined to win back his daughters heart. Regardless of how much Şebnem tries to convince Metin not to attempt this, Metin is totally motivated to do whatever it takes to win her back.

Yaman’s father Güven Aydın makes sure that this information is widely spread as the gossip mill keeps turning in order to insure that Neslihan has his this from everyone insuring that everyone considers her to be a liar. Specifically both Alaz and Çağla are furious with this situation. As if the pain of being in mourning was not enough, Yaman Ali is deeply shaken and disappears, going to seek solace once again with Rüya. After all of this happens Yaman Ali does not feel that he belongs anywhere, so he goes back to his brother and sister Asi and Cesur’s side.

The new year has arrived, As Ece is experiencing bitterness knowing that she is getting better with Umut’s heart. As she returns home it seems that life for the Soysalan family has adjused to the new normal, while Yaman continues to live with his brother and sister Cesur and Ai back in the old neighborhood.


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