Watch Yabani Episode 15 English Subtitles

Watch Yabani Episode 15 English Subtitles
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In Yabani Episode 15, Umut who has become the sacrifice of Serhan’s game, puts Asi, Cesur, Yaman Ali into a deep sorrow of mourning his death.  Umut’s name will continue to survive, as Ece along with the others come up with a plan that will give hope (Umut) to others.

Yaman Ali, Asi and Cesur all fall into different directions as they deal with their grief.  Asi goes to the getto to seek her solace, however her partner in craime Alaz goes with her. The relationship between Alaz and Asi is going to cause them both to burn in hell. Each one is going to have to deal with the unexpected actions of the other.

Cesur feels extremely regretful regarding the deaht of Umut, and he is going to find himself in the middle of a huge mess. Even when he wakes up and Çağla is there right beside him, it will be Serhan who wakes him up from his dream, adding a new mode of motivation into Cesur’s life.  Even though this is not something that he wants to do, this new motivation is going to push him to take a step on a path that he would normally not heads towards.

At the end of the day when Asi and Cesur come together once again in their own home, the emptiness left behind by Umut not being there is going to be a hard slap in their face. As all of this is going on, Yaman Ali truly falls completely apart, and it will be Rüya who runs and becomes his compass showing him the right direction.


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