Watch Ne Gemiler Yaktim Episode 4 English Subtitles

Watch Ne Gemiler Yaktim Episode 4 English Subtitles
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Ne Gemiler Yaktim Episode 4, Yasemin returns home with the question swirling around in her head, is it really possible that Fidan murdered Neriman?  When she arrives home and cannot find Fidan and Zeynep at home, she panics and starts looking for them searching every street.  When She finally finds Fidan and Zeynep there are at the park and she takes them home.

The path of these two women cross once again.  As for Rutkay she does not leave them alone and is constantly trailing them when she goes to Tevfik’s house and lives through horrific moments. Yasemin is very confused after what she heard from Rutkay, she cannot figure outo who she should believe, Fidan or Rutkay.

Toprak continues to track down Halil, and while walking around Nazarlık Esnaf Lokantası (restaurant) he meets Yasemin. Rutkay is going to use the trump card he is holding in order to get Fidan and Zeynep to move back into the mansion.

Ay Yapım, renowned for its compelling storytelling, is set to captivate audiences once again with its latest series, ‘Ne Gemiler Yaktım,’ scheduled to premiere on Show TV this Monday, December 4th. The anticipation is palpable, fueled by the recent release of a gripping scene from the first episode, featuring the stellar performances of Deniz Baysal and Devrim Özkan as Yasemin and Fidan.

As the countdown to the premiere intensifies, fans are already on the edge of their seats. The scene provides a tantalizing glimpse into Yasemin and Fidan’s world, leaving viewers hungry for more details about the unfolding narrative.

As the plot deepens, the shadow of Fidan’s enigmatic past looms large, with her estranged husband Rutkay (Berk Hakman) emerging as a mysterious and dark figure. His presence, though left behind, casts a palpable influence on Fidan’s journey, adding layers of complexity to her character.


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