Safir Episode 17 with English Subtitles

Safir Episode 17 with English Subtitles
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Feraye is in a very difficult position when Cemile and Aleyna storm the house. Regardless of how Yaman continues to defend Feraye, the days of nightmares are just beginning for her. The only thing that gives her strength and keeps her going, is her creations for the modeling show. This show is extremely important for Feraye as attending this show will also feature many well known names. However Aleyna and Cemile are determined to cut anything and everything out of Feraye’s life that keeps her strong.

Güneş who had arrived in Ürgüp for only a short period of time, decides the time has come for her to depart. Even though Ateş is upset about this decision there is nothing that he can say about it. As Güneş is about to leave Bade tells her “I have no one else that I can trust” trying to seek comfort and solace from her. While on one side she has Bade’s wish, on the other she has the helpless Ateş; but is this enough to convince her to stay?

Ömer allows his grandsons some freedom as he sees how hard that each one is working, however this only temporary decision, there is still the danger of prison. Right on this most sensitive times, Vural tells Ömer the truth about Ateş. Ömer now realizes that from the first day that she step foot inside the llives of his family that Gülfem has been lying and he immediately banishes her from the home. Will Ömer write Ateş off in a single moment, or will he continue to embrace him? When Ateş accepts Güneş’ dinner invitation and he sees Bade at her home as well, what will his reaction be?


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