Mehmed Fatihler Sultani Episode 1 English Subtitles

Mehmed Fatihler Sultani Episode 1 English Subtitles
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Murad Han is deeply shaken by the death of his son Şehzade Alaaddin. So his second son Şehzade Mehmed takes his place. Even though Mehmed is viewed as a toy (meaning a child) in the eyes of the European nations, he is actually quite different. As Sultan Mehmed ascends to the throne, his first test is going to be a battle with Orhan, who took refuge and received support from Byzantium. Orhan’s mindset is that Mehmed is still a toy (child) and it will be easy to overthrow him. However Mehmed has no problem proving and fighting for the throne from which he feels is his entitlement.

Sultan Mehmed has a dream in his mind: to conquer Constantinople. In order to accomplish this dream he calls a meeting with his advisors. However those around him cannot understand what he wants to accomplish. Another group led by Çandarlı thinks that conquering Constantinople is a very difficult task, so he tries to convince Mehmed to back out of this plan. However Mehmed is different from all the others, and he is very determined. He immediately orders for preparations to begin.

Çandarlı encourages the Janissaries to rebel and chaos breaks out in the capital. Mehmed is now forced to gather his troops together in order to battle with the rebels. Mehmed’s troops as well as the rebelious Janissaries are now face to face. Mehmed is determined to behead all of those who are rebeling against him, however the last move made by Çandarlı forces him to stop. mehmet is forced to bow his head regarding the orders he gets from his father. While Çandarlı has won this battle, Mehmed loses and he is sent into exile.

However nothing is yet over for Mehmet. He is planning his return as a Sultan!


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