Watch Teskilat Episode 89 English Subtitles

Watch Teskilat Episode 89 English Subtitles
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Watch Teskilat Episode 89 English Subtitles

In Teskilat Episode 89, Cihangir has been taken hostage, Ömer and his team do not bow to Anton’s demands. When Neslihan listens to what Skarlett has, she becomes totally devastated. In order to learn the truth regarding her mother, she confronts her father demanding the truth.

Çetin is now reall been squeezed tightly into a corner. The person that has thrown all the blame on Çetin is actually after Ömer. As for Ömer; he is doing everything the can to saved Cihangir while at the same time trying to reach İsis.

The team are doing everything in their power to insure that Ömer’s plan is successful. Anton and Skarlet are busy thinking that they have won, however without even realizing it they are actually going to find themselves in the middle of the game that Ömer planned.

The team is trying to reach Ömer who has been trapped by a treacherous plan put into effect by Anton.  The enemy continues to try an stop the team who is already in serious danger. However there is one thing that they are forgetting; they are dealing with Ömer Atmaca.

As Ömer continues to battle his differences with Anton on the site, Skarlet continues to use Çetin in order to remain close to Neslihan. In spite of the fact that the company feels certain that their plan in flawless, Ömer and his team are going to break down the plan put forth by his enemy.


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