Watch Safir Episode 15 English Subtitles

Watch Safir Episode 15 English Subtitles
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In Safir Episode 15, Yaman and Ateş are face to face in a confontation arguing about Feraye, but what they did not know is that there was a hitman waiting in the wings who shoots and wounds Yaman. Feraye with huge anger and hate confronts Bora as she sees him at the cause of the miscarriage.

Ateş learns that his mother Gülfem was by Vural’s side when the shooting occured, and now he is after finding out the reason why.  What kind of a relationship or tie is there between Vural and his mother?  Will Vural who just learned the truth from Gülfem actually tell Ateş that he is his biological father?

Meanwhile everyone from the servants quarters has been banished from the mansion.  Only Şermin remains as Ömer’s private nurse as he has developed a soft spot for her and guarantees her that she can stay in the mansion.  Around the same time Ömer receives a doctors certification that he is of sound mind.

Feraye who is living the most difficult days of her life, is no longer welcomed in the mansion or in the servants quarters.  So she and Yaman decide to go out on the own together. Meanwhile Aleyna continues to have a relations with Bora.  How will Aleyna’s plans effect the couple of Yaman and Feraye?

One night Ateş runs into someone.  This person is a young, beautiful lady who car has broken down.  What kind of issues is this meeting going to end with?  Who is Güneş?

Feraye is face to face with the possibility of losing the baby as she is rushed to the hospital in Yaman’s arms and finally confesses to him that he is the father.  At the same time Ateş is driving the car where the brake cable has been cut and he is heading towards his death.  Meanwhile also at the same time Okan has a gun pointed at his head with Bora holding on to the trigger and knows that he is capable of pulling that trigger at any moment as he fears that he has loss both of his elder brothers as well.  How will the Gülsoy brothers be saved from this nightmare of a night?

At the baby continues to hold onto life, Feraye feels that even though she and Yaman have been apart for so long, however happiness now totally possible for them.  However Bora will not accept defeat regarding this love, and he is preparing for another attack.  Will Yaman who just found out that he is the father of the baby that Feraye is carrying be able to save his child and the woman that he loves?

Being the enemy of Vural Bakırcı means that he will continue to pay a very heavy price, and this time Ateş is on the target of a hired assasin with a gun pointed directly at him.  However this time there is someone totally unexpected that is running to save him from this trap.


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