Watch Shahane Hayatim Episode 6 English Subtitles Free

Watch Shahane Hayatim Episode 6 English Subtitles Free
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In Sahane Hayatim Episode 6, Melisa has done it again; she attends Şebnem and Onur’s event in Mesut’s arm!  This couple who sees this totally unexpected couple arrive at their event is stunned, but the night must go on as planned….No one can expose their own personal feelings!  Around a very elegant table everyone must continue to play their own game, but this means that between these four people things are going to become very complicated for sure!

On the evening dinner with so much action, Melisa drops the bomb that she and Mesut are going to get engaged, now Şebnem has the upper hand.  Şebnem does not miss a beat and drags Melisa right into the middle of her own game and arena!  Without allowing her competition to even take a break, Şebnem has every intention of showing Istanbul, Melisa and Aysel who the real queen is! Of course this does not mean that Melisa is going to just sit by and do nothing, she is already to make her next move!


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