Watch Dilek Tasi Episode 13 English Subtitles

Watch Dilek Tasi Episode 13 English Subtitles
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In Dilek Tasi Episode 13, Figen donates her kidney to Sinan she goes back to the servants quarters for rest and recovery.  However since Macide has no more need for Figen, she has other plans for the servants quarters.

Mustafa and Kenan get into a brawl with eacho other after learning that Efkan has gotten a date for marriage.  Mustafa knows that Figen does not want this marriage and that this is a trap set by Kenan in order for them to make up with each other, so Mustafa confronts Kenan regarding this situation.

Mustafa is doing everything that he can to not leave and remain by Figen’s side during this period.  On the other hand he has the presssure from Alparslan to speak with Harun Bey.

When there are belongings that go missing inside the mansion, this causes a new crisis.  Who stole Rüçhan’s most prized possessions?

As for Ebru she is face to face with the accusations comiing from Macide and Rüçhan, which totally stun her.  Following Macide’s accusations she tells Ebru that they are no long allowed to remain in the servants quarters.  This now pushes Figen to make a very difficult decision.  What will be the decision that Figen makes?


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