Watch Yargi Episode 74 English Subtitles

Watch Yargi Episode 74 English Subtitles
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In Yargi Episode 74, while Ceylin has no idea but she is face to face with the murderer that they have been searching for.  When Ilgaz learns that without really wanting this, Mercan is put right in the middle of this situation he goes mad.  To make matters even worse, Okan ia holding Tilmen hostage with a gun pointed directly at him.  There is something that Ilgaz wants to do to solve this situation but this is not going to be easy to accomplish using the proper channels.

Ilgaz has the entire police department applying pressure on him, and everyone else as well; so he is going to be forced to put up a blockade against the Tilmen law firm.  When the emotions start to take a role in this situation, now being able to keep this crisis all under calm control is going to be virtually impossible. Those that are locked up inside have no idea what is going on outside, and they are all trying whatever they can to be able to control the situation to be best of ther ability.


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